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Google Guaranteed Plumber Local Service Ads

Becoming a Google Guaranteed Plumber

November 07, 20233 min read

Becoming a Google Guaranteed Partner With Google Local Service Ads

Attention Tree Service Contractors: Want to be the top choice for local searches? Google Guaranteed is your golden ticket to building trust and winning more business!

🌟🔧 Get Google Guaranteed and Lead the Pack in Local Service Ads! 🚰💼

Here’s how to apply and tap into a gusher of leads:

Apply for Google Guaranteed:

  1. Visit the Local Services Ads sign-up page and fill out your business details. Ensure you meet Google's requirements for your trade.

Background Checks and Certification:

  1. Google will guide you through a background check process and verify your qualifications, so you're recognized as a certified tree service contractor.

    Background Checks: Google requires background checks for business owners and their workforce. This ensures that individuals entering customers' homes are trustworthy. This is typically done by a Google-selected third-party provider and may include checks for:

    Criminal history

    Civil litigation history (for business owners)

    Trade license verification

    Insurance: Businesses must have valid liability insurance that meets Google’s minimum coverage requirements. This insurance should cover any damages or accidents that could occur while performing services.

    Business License: Depending on the location, tree service contractors may need to provide proof of a business license to operate legally in their city or state.

    Trade Licenses: Tree service businesses must provide proof of trade licenses as required by the states or locales where they operate.

    Service Area: Businesses must define the area where they provide services. Google uses this information to match businesses with relevant local searches.

    Advanced Verification: In some cases, businesses may be subject to additional verification steps, such as advanced verification screenings to further confirm the legitimacy of the business.

  2. Set Your Budget: Once approved, set up your ad spend budget for Local Services Ads. You pay per lead, not click, ensuring better ROI.

When Approved

✓ You'll receive a green checkmark badge, showing customers Google backs your business.

✓ Your Local Service Ads will appear at the top of Google Search, above traditional ads.

✓ You'll only pay for leads related to your tree services, and you can dispute charges for leads that aren't valid.

But that's not all!

Your ad ranking is influenced by four main things:

  1. Proximity: Being closer to the search location may improve your ranking. 🛠️ Tip: Regularly update your service areas to ensure accuracy.

  2. Reviews and Ratings: Positive reviews and high ratings can boost your visibility. 🛠️ Tip: Encourage customers to leave feedback and respond to their reviews.

  3. Responsiveness: Quick replies to customer inquiries can favor your ad position. 🛠️ Tip: Use alerts to stay on top of incoming queries and maintain a swift response time.

  4. Business Hours: Extensive operating hours can lead to higher ad exposure. 🛠️ Tip: Keep your business hours up-to-date and consider expanding them for increased availability.

Get certified, optimize these areas, get leads, and get ahead. Start your application today and unlock the door to exclusive leads and a stronger online reputation!

👉 Click here to start your Google Local Service Ads

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